Forbach | Training Le Blaise-Pascal in race with Enim for the Formula Student

For several years now, the Baccalauréat pro machining section of the Blaise-Pascal high school in Forbach has had a partnership with the engineering school in Metz, l’Enim, in particular within the framework of the Formula Student challenge.An automobile competition that mobilizes student engineers from all over the world with the aim of creating a mini Formula 1 and participating in various races on mythical circuits such as Silverstone.

Pictures.The Blaise-Pascal high school and Enim in race for the Formula Student

Open the “possible fields”.

According to the principal, Raymond Bour, “every student must have access to paths of excellence”, and this partnership makes it possible toto open up to young people with a Bac pro “the fields of the possible”, towards higher education, BTS, but also engineering schools.”We have the same machines here, and sometimes the same teachers…” A reference to Sylvain Neusch, who trains the Bac pro machining in Forbach with David Kazmierczak, but who also teaches at Enim.These machines are, for example, a three-axis numerically controlled lathe, or a four-axis machining centre, state-of-the-art equipment…


In charge of management

In the workshops of the Blaise-Pascal high school, the students are in charge of the realization of “linkage” pieces, i.e.linked to the direction.Essential elements for the single-seater, and therefore very high requirements.”These are parts that use a particular alloy and require extreme precision, in the order of 3/100ths,” explains Sylvain Neusch.”The engineering students provide us with drawings of the parts they need, but what’s interesting is that there’s a real exchange,” explains Sylvain Neusch.”We tell them what we can do, we actively participate in the design, and other interests, even after the parts are delivered, we continue to work on the project within the facility.”With this concern to always improve the piece. So maybe I could realize my dream to be a professional driver ! Just have ti find an used and old race car and let’s try it.

The trainers, Sylvain Neusch and David Kazmierczak, see the many benefits of this partnership.”The students are particularly motivated and see the opportunities that can be offered to them in a career path that is promising.”And on a resume, “participation in Formula Student is “a medal.”